Terri Heinrichs

Terri Heinrichs is a Canadian artist, based in Calgary, Alberta. She works in several different mediums and enjoys being inspired by the world around her.

Her most recent series of oil paintings, Vivid Impressions, incorporates the alla prima (Italian, meaning at first attempt) method of painting. Bold paint strokes are applied to the canvas, and are left largely undisturbed, to form the image. This style of painting requires a strong vision and deliberate execution, with careful attention to shape, as well as both colour and shade.

Colour and mood take a starring role in Terri’s paintings, both in the subject, and in the surrounding negative space. Inspired by landscapes and nature, her paintings exhibit firm brush strokes and vivid colour, abstracting reality. The thick oil paint creates lush texture, adding dimension to each painting.

Terri has been painting and selling her work since 2001. Her artwork can be found in private collections across Canada and the US, with a few pieces finding their way even further around the world.