Calgary Community Painters Programs

January 10
Dee Poisson will be showing the versatility  of colored pencils. Her passion for plants in their indigenous habitat is reflected in her colored pencil work.

January 17
Lori Lukasewich has recently been experimenting with portraits using a rough acrylic ground. She will show us how she develops them quickly, adding to the breadth of approaches available to portrait painters.

January 24
Jessie St Clair utilizes a variety of materials and methods allowing her paintings to reflect the urban life and the characters she encounters. She works in large format acrylic paintings.

February 7
In house movie KLIMT

February 14
Melanie Morstad is a professional GOLDEN artist educator who teaches workshops world wide.   Melanie’s energy is quickly apparent as you watch her paint and see her results on canvas. She will use GOLDEN products to demonstrate how she builds texture with various gels and pastes, followed by layers of bold color.  She will be painting on a variety of surfaces at varying stages of development with acrylic inks, high flow and fluid acrylics.

February 21
Sharon Lynn Williams -Painting Snow- There is a lot to be learned from painting snow, including how shadows behave, where to use hard and soft edges, the color of snow, how to handle strong value contrasts, how to take good snow painting references.  Sharon will explore each of these with us while doing an oil demo of a colorful snow scene.

March 7
Cathie Johnson is an accomplished watercolorist who will demonstrate  techniques of using watercolor on canvas.

March 14
Judy Perrin will demonstrate Encaustic techniques.  She works at Kensington Art where she offers encaustic workshops.

March 21
Critique-Ingrid Christensen
Ingrid Christensen is a well known artist who has won several awards. Her work has been featured in International Artist and Arabella magazines.  Ingrid is a modern Impressionist who focusses on the complex effect of light on color.  She teaches oil painting at workshops across Western Canada.



January 20-21
Sheila Schaetzle “ FREEDOM”  Sheila will lead us through several acrylic techniques to help us loosen up and paint creatively. We will use layers of glazes to create richness and depth within the paintings.

February 24 – Full day Workshop
George Gordon works in vibrant watercolor. He will teach a direct method of watercolor to interpret daily scenes.