Violette Clemente

Born in France, Violette lived most of her childhood and adolescence in tropical countries around the world before settling in Calgary.

Her travels both locally and internationally have been a great source of inspiration. She says: “The play of light and shadows, a touch of unexpected colour, these are images that spark my imagination and motivate me to paint. I try to capture these visual sensations and the mood of the moment to convey these feelings through my art.”

Although watercolour is the medium of her choice, Violette also paints with acrylics and enjoys exploring other mediums. These new approaches to painting have helped her paint with bolder colours, more dynamic strokes and experiment with texture.

Violette is an active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Calgary Community Painters Society, the Southern Alberta Art Alliance and the Chestermere Fine Art Guild. She has taken numerous classes and workshops with renowned artists both locally and from abroad to broaden her knowledge.