Eva Neumaier

Eva Neumaier, living in Calgary, sees in the medium of watercolour a singular possibility to capture the light that lets us see and appreciate all and everything forming our beautiful planet.

She strives to drop the pigment dissolved in water with as little as possible interference onto the paper, so that the various colours may interact on their own creating new hues. Eva prefers a vignette design to let the white of the paper become an integral part of the painting. Her impressionistic style captures the main elements without telling the full story.

Inspired by British watercolour artists, Eva prefers a traditional approach of pure and transparent watercolour painting on paper. She loves to transform the scenery of Canada into an artistic statement, while at the same time hoping to bring her impressions from overseas travels to a local audience. Her paintings are found in Canadian and international private collections.

Artist's website: http://evaneumaier.com/