Teresa McCallum

Teresa McCallum has been immersed in art her entire life. She was influenced as a child by her talented grandmother and mother, who were both artists. Teresa’s grandma was her first art teacher and helped her to perfect still-life oil paintings in grade school. Teresa was initially a pen and ink illustrator and put herself through college doing freelance sign painting, menu and embroidery designs.

Teresa also uses art with her mental health patients as one of many therapeutic tools. She and her patients have created a number of paintings for mental health homes and facilities. Teresa’s pixelated tree paintings have been very popular and are the mainstay of her art business, however, she has spent a number of years honing her abstract techniques.

Loose colourful abstract and contemporary paintings are what she is passionate about creating. There is not a day that Teresa is not creating something. She loves working in many mediums but acrylic is her favourite.

She paints with layers and layers of paint and media. When she broke her wrist one summer she started working in alcohol inks and she enjoys their free, fluid, and bright photogenic properties. She also is a writer and has combined her love of art, healing, yoga, and chakra healing into a book that is being released in late fall, 2017. Teresa created 50 alcohol ink paintings representing the seven chakras which are part of her new book.

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