Susan Ballantine

Susan Ballantine is currently living in Calgary. She was born in Montreal, raised in Southern Ontario and moved to Calgary in 1979, with stops in Halifax, Regina and North Vancouver. Susan started painting on porcelain in 1984 and painting in oil in 2000 while living in BC. Now she only paints oil and acrylic. She likes to work from her own photographs especially if the light is during the golden hour. Her work is inspired by nature, her surroundings and the seasons. She loves to explore the intensity and impact of light in florals, landscape, and still life.
When she’s not painting, Susan can be found hunting for vintage items or photographing landscapes or florals, depending on the season. She also loves to quilt, garden and teaches meditation.
Susan continues to learn with ongoing workshops and is an avid reader of art books.
Susan is currently a member of the Calgary Community Painters Society
A founding member of the Passionate Painters – left in 2019.
Taken various workshops
Shown at the Okotoks Art Gallery and private retail stores.
She taught painting on porcelain and tile at the Calgary and Vancouver Board of Continuing Education.

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