Suchita Karkhanis

Suchita was born and brought up in India, a beautiful country known for its vibrant, festive culture and colourful celebrations. Even in her youth, she actively helped her community by decorating and painting at social gatherings and important events. Drawing and painting has always been her passion, and she has always had a fascination for colours, and how they blend together and contrast in nature, and cityscapes. Suchita can happily spend her time drawing and painting, and loves arts and crafts projects as well.

She earned her Bachelor of commerce degree, and later moved to Calgary with her family in 2010. As a mother of two boys, she has always been a busy mother, but never let her responsibilities get in the way of her painting.

 Suchita actively motivates youth in the community by introducing them to drawing and various arts projects, and helps children learn their passion in the fine arts, be it drawing flowers by a river or painting a cityscape.

Suchita mainly gets her inspiration by the beauty of nature, something diverse and teeming with life. You can connect to nature through her paintings. The use of a palette knife and brush helps her chase her passion, one she excels at. It gives her immense happiness to spend time painting, and she can do it for hours on end. Suchita loves fine art and likes to either keep her painting as realistic as her reference, or loose and abstract with colourful lines and contrasting shapes. She paints with a variety of mediums like acrylics, oils, and watercolour, and has exhibited in many juried shows.

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