Shannon Carlin

Shannon Carlin is mostly a self-taught artist. While she did take classes during her school years, and joined some group classes to learn new ways of painting, the style of her art has mostly been created on her own.

She fell in love with watercolour painting in her early school years and was delighted to pick it back up again about 15 years ago. Drawn to bright, bold colours, Shannon’s artwork inspires freedom of movement and a slight abstract feel while still being reminiscent of a landscape. Always a consummate doodler, she will often incorporate some of these “doodles” in her pieces.

“I love the organic nature of watercolours. There is so much you can do with some water, paint, brushes and any assortment of mark making items you have on hand.”

A long time employee of Parks Canada, Shannon has been fortunate to have had some unique experiences and of course amazing photography at her disposal.  It helps that a lot of clients she has worked with know of her love of painting and share some amazing pictures for her creative gallery.

Recently Shannon picked up acrylics and has been playing in the paint and having a great time with it.

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