Sandy Orsten

Sandy was born in Lethbridge, Alberta and completed Bachelor degrees in Science and Education as well as a Masters degree in 1996. Although a mathematics teacher for over 35 years, he always had an interest in art and painting and did 2 courses during his degrees at the university.

Sandy came in contact with the batiking process while living and working in Singapore from 2002-2004. After retirement from teaching from 1968-2006,  he began experimenting with this process both on assorted papers and pure silk. It is not the usual or traditional batiking process but rather batik painting using wax resist and batik dyes. As an avid gardener, flowers were the motivation for earlier paintings, especially orchids, but he is now interested in both landscapes and human figures. Eventually he was invited to present his work for sale with a local art group and determined that his work was both unique in medium and style.

He is continually motivated by the medium of silk and dyes and the special skills needing to be developed with this style of artistic work. Working on human figures has been the most challenging to insure that proportions and character of individuals is maintained. To add textures and details to the fabric works not possible with just the dyes he has been using both Watercolor pencils and crayons.  His wife’s quilting efforts gave rise to a number of pieces with the patterns and colors suggested by her completed quilts.

Sandy continues to be intrigued by the opportunities available with this special medium and has used flowers, animals, scenery and human forms as the subjects for his work. He is now retired and resides in Calgary.