Sandy Cheung

Sandy appreciates art, life and nature.  She moved to Canada from Hong Kong in 1993, and loves the Rockies and living in Calgary.  After graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA and BFA in 2005, she continued her career as a website designer until 2010 when she was able to return to her art practice of painting.

Her work explores the beauty of nature through abstraction.  Organic patterns and colourful brushstrokes are her visual language to convey emotions and to communicate with the outside world.  Inspired by the Rockies, her travels and memories, Sandy has created abstract landscapes and atmosphere through experimentation with paint, exploration of colour and an imagination of nature.

Sandy’s painting practice is influenced by her early training in Chinese calligraphy.  This technique is the strength that enriches her brushwork, creating a sense of movement.  Brushstrokes with speed and force express her feelings.  The gestures of Chinese calligraphy are merged with Western art techniques, resulting in a composition of harmony, balance, and contrast to form her unique version of abstraction.

Sandy’s paintings have been exhibited at WAM Virtual Gallery of Women’s Art Museum Society of Canada, Alcove Gallery of The Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium, UAS Satellite Gallery of Untitled Art Society, and the Genesis Centre in Calgary.