Ranjini Devender

Ranjini has traveled extensively around the world and moved to Calgary in 1997.  She paints in acrylics and her favourite thing to paint is landscapes (people included). She does a lot of drawings to fix her composition and records most of her ideas in her sketch book on location.

Ranjini is currently working on a series called “Meditative Spaces”. Through her many travels art has been her constant companion. She likes her art to capture the stories surrounding her at that time and place.  Meditative spaces is an expression of Ranjini, in relation to what is happening around her, in that she makes sure her paintings are only locations she has visited and/or experienced. If weather permits, she tries to paint on location, otherwise uses photographs as  reference.  She undergoes a bit of a meditative process as she undertakes her work and remembers to feel her space in her head before she puts it down on canvas. In most of the spaces Ranjini has painted you can place a silhouette of a yogi in meditation in any spot on the canvas.

“I just love to paint and to me it is a kind of meditation. I move on from a piece to another knowing that the corrections and additions are limitless. I always strive to share my experiences as a human being on this planet. “

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