Paule Poulin

Paule’s creative curiosity has led her to embark on a series of courses, workshops and open studio sessions in the Visual Arts including painting, drawing, monotype print making, etching, mixed-media, collage, silkscreen and Chinese ink painting. She has studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, the University of Calgary, the Red Deer College Summer School of the Arts and the Atlin Art Centre.
In her work, she uses watercolour and/or acrylic along with collage, crayons, pastels and a variety of combinations to create pieces from her heart. Paule’s paintings often begin as an experiment, a learning experience, or a specific project in mind. As she creates a painting, her intuition guides her along making the painting spontaneous and unpredictable with happy accidents. When she paints, she creates a new reality to convey an emotional response based on an emotive combination of strong colours to add visual excitement and give a compelling structure to the compositions.

In life, Paule loves nature, wildlife, the outdoors, health and exercise, music, the naïve drawings of children, the native art of the many aboriginal cultures of the world, along with many wonderful works by local and international artists.

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