Paloma Rodriguez

Paloma Rodriguez started painting during her childhood while watching her father paint and draw in a variety of media which was how she was first influenced in art. While in jr & high school, she won several art contests. With a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, she worked in the corporate world for more than a decade, and over the next several years she attended art courses while living in Mexico, Argentina and Canada.

Her art work is reminiscent of her native Mexico and now Canada, her dear new home. It’s here in Canada where she has had the opportunity to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an artist. Her paintings are inspired by nature, landscapes and flowers of the prairies, mountains, animals and images that express cultural identity. She paints with a variety of media, like acrylic, oil, watercolour, mixed media and inks. She likes to incorporate bright bold colours in addition to texture. She finds inspiration in the simple things in life, as she believes those little things make life a pure joy.

Paloma is an active member of the Calgary Community Painters Society since 2015 and shows with them twice a year.