Nina Hurst

NINA HURST is a native Albertan who creates art based on her surroundings. Her landscape style can only be described as abstract influenced by reality, which enables her to capture the emotion behind the moment. Hurst’s medium of choice is acrylic paint although she has worked with oils and pastels.  She also does figurative paintings and portraits.

Hurst spent her career as an elementary school teacher and was greatly involved in music and art.“ I was an expert at organizing and presenting school concerts from choreography to backdrops and everything in between. Although I enjoyed it, something was still missing in my life. I wanted to pick up a paintbrush and create my own art.”

When Hurst had to take time off from work for surgery, she asked a friend who is an artist to give her some lessons in painting. That was the beginning. Upon retirement Nina began painting full time as well as travelling with her husband. They journeyed to many places but were so intrigued by the desert landscape of Arizona that they purchased a home in the Scottsdale area. They now spend summers in Calgary and winters in Arizona. She has since studied art under several well known artists in the US, Canada and Europe. From this Nina has gleaned much valuable information and developed a style of her own that is unmistakable.

“I begin by putting on canvas what I see, be it in my mind, or on the horizon. What I feel naturally begins to take over and my paintings take on a life of their own. I want to evoke emotions in people that take them to a special time or place in their lives.”

Currently, some of Nina’s paintings hang in the corporate offices of the Royal Bank of Canada and Raymond James Financial. Her work can also be seen at Mount Royal University in Calgary. Private collectors throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Washington State, California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Germany have obtained her work. Some of Hurst’s paintings have also been showcased in the show homes of Genesis Land Development.

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