Melanie Figueroa

Raised in Calgary, AB, Melanie grew up creative and curious. Her artistic leanings eventually led to her enrollment at ACAD where she studied in the Visual Communications program. Her design skills and manual aptitude landed her in the professional picture framing industry where she incorporates all aspects of her art education.

The framing business keeps her connected with artists and the arts community, enhances her own art practice and supports her (outrageous!) addiction to art collecting and framing. Melanie paints regularly in her studio and is a member of a studio group.

Her primary focus is capturing the city in small urban vignettes. She works in acrylic paint and addresses nostalgic feelings of home, familiarity and community, she looks for the accidental beauty present in unassuming places and challenges our perceptions of progress. She participates in a variety of workshops and is a current active member of the Leighton Art Centre, FCA and CCPS.

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