Mary Leslie

Mary is a native Calgarian. Her interest in art resurfaced after her children were grown. She works in oils, acrylics, pastel, graphite, colored pencil and water color.

Neither has she focused on a particular style or genre, but paints what interests her. Having had the opportunity to travel her photo “library” is extensive and gives her lots of subject matter.

Plein air painting also appeals to her (although not so much in winter!), and she has enjoyed many sunny days outside armed with brush and paint. Getting out with friends and other artists is a real inspiration. She also tries to sketch or paint while on holiday, although sometimes just absorbing the ambiance of other places and cultures is rewarding enough.

Mary has been a member of Calgary Community Painters Society since 2011 and appreciates the learning experiences provided by the weekly presenters and the workshops given. Sharing with the dedicated and serious artists in the group has encouraged her to expand her techniques and applications. The collection of reference books on artistic mediums, techniques and processes acquired over 5 or 6 years gives her a lot of resource as well.

She has also attended workshops offered by several Calgary companies and associations. Continuing to learn is very important to her artistic experience.