Marilynn Phillips

Born and raised in a large family in Winnipeg Manitoba. Marilynn remembers her love of ‘color’ at a pre-school age.  She vividly remembers turquoise and fuchsia being her favorite colors and coloring with her best friend who lived next door. Marilynn remembers her father’s love of art.  He was self-taught and an excellent artist in his own right, for the little that he was able to practice.  She also remembers ‘art class’ being her favorite subject in junior high school and finding the subject of perspective intriguing.  Back then; she was forced to drop art in favor of the business stream in senior high school.   At that time the only way to continue to take art was to enter the Bachelor of Art stream.  Thank goodness that has changed today.  She also tried her hand at architectural drafting at one point while still living in Winnipeg.  As a young adult with a distracted focus she put that love of art aside.

After moving to Calgary with her husband in 1980, she worked in the oil & gas industry for 20 years while taking continuing education courses through the various universities in Calgary.  She obtained her General Management Certificate and finished her career ‘downtown’ in Human Resources.

These years were very fulfilling.  She was kept busy with raising her wonderful son, working full time, participating as a hockey mom, night school for upgrading and being the wife of a very supportive husband.  Also, as her son became older, she pursued her pre-mom passion of horses.  In 2000 she decided it was time to ‘be in a work environment that gave her life meaning’.   She left downtown Calgary and began a dog grooming business which she still enjoys, on a part-time basis, today.

While working with one of her clients, Marilynn noticed the client had numerous beautiful watercolor paintings in her home. Marilynn commented on these and the conversation quickly progressed to the fact that her daughter was an art instructor.  While Marilynn appreciated beautiful art she commented that she “couldn’t paint”.   Well, one thing led to another and the daughter took her on as a student where Marilynn remains to this day!  That daughter was Mary Leigh Doyle.  Mary Leigh’s expertise, kindness and encouragement have taken Marilynn to where she now feels as though she can have pride in some of the pieces she produces.

As evidenced by the display, Marilynn’s subject matter is varied.  She spent several years as a watercolorist and recently has branched out into acrylics.  She has also dabbled in collage.  Marilynn only selects subject matter that touches her heart.  She paints for the love of it.  Her goal is when you look at the work, which has meaning to her, may it also touch you.