Lucie Kuervers

Lucie has always liked to create, and she started drawing at a young age. She took an oil painting class as a teenager, and then her love of learning led her to study a variety of art forms in her leisure time. She now spends most of her artistic time painting with acrylics. Whether on a hike or on a trip, she finds ideas for her paintings by taking dozens of photos of everything and anything, but nature is her main inspiration.

“I think God has created a beautiful world, and I look for that beauty everywhere.  Sometimes it jumps at me — in a sunset, a view of the mountains, a delicate flower, my children’s smiles — other times, it is a lot more elusive.  Oh, but what elation when I find it!  At that moment, art opens up a whole new world to me:  techniques, theories, supplies, and imagination all merge together in an attempt at capturing that beauty.  Such an interesting, and ever challenging, process!”

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