Laura Dupont

As a local Calgary self-taught watercolor artist, Laura Dupont is most happy watching water and color mingle on the page.

Laura is most influenced by nature and everyday life.  In everyday life, she takes inspiration from daily activities – even the mundane task of doing dishes or cooking dinner can bring inspiration.  In nature, rocks, water and flowers are her favorite subjects to paint.

Laura’s current work is a series of large florals.  The flow, the movement, the shadows and the highlights all capture her attention but for Laura, it’s the shadows that really draw her into a piece.   She loves starting with several reference photos from her own stash and usually ends up putting those aside and letting the painting guide her to where it wants to go.

Laura’s journey into the visual arts was born of necessity.  As a young stay-at-home mother with a desire to fill her home with art and no budget to do so, she began to teach herself to paint and draw.  This need to have a home full of art soon turned into a passion for painting and creating.

Laura has worked in a variety of mediums for over 20 years including acrylic and colored pencil but found her home in watercolor.  The sometimes-unpredictable nature of wet into wet watercolor has forced her to overcome her need for control and to learn to go with the flow.

When not working her day job, Laura can be found in her studio alternating between her larger floral pieces and doodling anything and everything from urban sketches, the door that needs to be replaced on her shed, watercolor and ink ¬¬pieces or even just the Starbucks cup sitting on her desk.

You can find Laura on Facebook and Instagram @lauradupontart