Kerry Ferguson

“Ever since I was very young, I have been captivated by shape, shadow and texture. I can sit in the middle of a busy ‘anywhere’ and close my eyes and recreate an image of an object, an animal or a person using line, shadow, tones and textures. I am intrigued by the muscles of a big cat, the wrinkles and leathery qualities of an elephant’s hide or the complexity of old driftwood. I love to use lines and shading to highlight the silky hair of a Yorkshire terrier or the bristly tension of an active squirrel. I love the lulling patterns of pebbles on a beach or the detail of lace on an old Irish window. I am definitely a detail oriented artist and enjoy expressing the mood of my subject through the power of pen and ink.”

Born and raised between London and Toronto Ontario, Kerry attended Fanshawe College for Graphic Arts and Fashion Illustration. In the spring of 1976 she drove across Canada with a girlfriend in a VW Rabbit filled with all the worldly possessions of a couple of twenty-two year old girls out for adventure.

Once settled in Calgary, Kerry worked in Art Departments for Panorama Ski Resort, The Alberta Wheat Pool and a family printing company.

In 1985, she married the greatest guy in the world! After their two children were older, Kerry went back to school and obtained her Educational Assistant Certificate. She worked for 15 years with special needs children, primarily students with autism. Kerry is currently working as an ESL assistant with new Canadian jr. high students.

In her career as a graphic artist, Kerry created many logos and newspaper ads for various sectors of the business community in Calgary. She has had her illustrations reproduced in a camping and hiking cookbook and in a hard cover commemorative book for the 60th anniversary of the Alberta Wheat Pool.