Judy Mahon

Judy was born and raised in Calgary with glorious weekends spent at a family mountain cabin, surrounded by a diversity of flora and fauna. Such early influences inspired her creativity which was further kindled by 3 gifted artist relatives. Living in the Rockies allowed her to experience the brilliance of nature’s colours and the variety of flowers that thrive there in contrast to the majestic mountains.

Through experimentation, Judy found that watercolours suited her interests and style the best, expanding from botanicals into wildlife and landscapes. Watercolours continue to fascinate her – their colour, fluidity, luminescent and diversity of technique.

Today, Judy is inspired by her garden, foliage/wildlife along hiking trails and recent travels/meanderings. Also, a re-found fascination with Masters such as Van Gogh. Painting is her escape, joy and play.

Judy graduated from the University of Alberta and had a successful career in sewing and fashion design. Along her art journey, she completed courses at Alberta University of the Arts, as well as workshops with acclaimed artists Paula Henchell, Sharon Williams, Karen Richter, Karl Geist and Doug Levitt. As well as belong to CCPS Judy is a founding member of 4C, an on-line Art community.