John Bismonte

John Bismonte is a self-taught abstract artist raised in the Bicol Region in the Philippines. At 14 years of age he enrolled at a local technical school where he learned drafting, sign painting, rendering, poster making, calligraphy and cartooning.  In December of 1986, when he arrived in the United States, John’s passion and true appreciation for abstract art reached another level when he was awarded with the Haney Medal at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art for showing the most growth and potential in the field of visual arts. 

It was in 2002 that John broke through and finally found his own artistic style. One day, while trying to seal a pipe opening to prevent rodents from coming in to his garage, he accidentally discharged the remaining can of foam sealant onto the floor.  And from that, a magical and wonderful world opened up for him that allowed John to paint abstract expressionism in combination with surrealism, through spontaneous and automatic subconscious creation. 

John’s passion is driven primarily by his emotions, with colour selections ranging from earth tones to wild-bright fantastic neon colours.  The foam sealant provides him with the thickening agent he desires to achieve a heavy impasto texture, and in the process, to create three-dimensional protrusions, literally spilling out of the canvas.

Currently, John’s work ranges between 4 feet x 3 feet all the way to 8 feet x 4 feet.  John’s passion for his abstract expressionistic style embraces the notion that synchronicity is alive and real. That in our horizon, there is no such thing as accidents.