Jaxson Naugler

Jax Naugler is a Canadian artist born in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and is currently living in Calgary, Alberta.

Jax has always been drawn to art, specifically the performing arts as a child and then expanding into visual arts in his early teen years. He began taking painting more seriously in high school and went on to attend the Alberta University of Art and Design for 2 years, completing half of a BFA with a major in painting.

He left school to begin pursuing his dreams of travelling and to encourage his curiosity and love for adventure. He spent 5 months living and working in New Zealand before spending a couple months travelling Pacific Islands gathering inspiration, connecting with others and the earth, and unlearning conformity. During this time he discovered his love for skydiving, surfing, knowledge, connection and the universe.

When he began painting he focused on realism and technical skill before slowly transitioning to a more abstract style. He aims to combine reality with the imagined in his work, creating art with imagery that is considered non-existent in our worlds reality. He is drawn to working with the human form but in various abstracted and imagined styles. He uses acrylic paint and mixed media as a channel to render his personal universe in a way that can be understood visually. He expresses topics such as mental health and the workings of our brains, unapologetic sexuality, and nihilism on mostly large scale paintings, using writing and poetry to complement his visual imagery.

Jax plans to continue to travel and create art in many forms in the future and is very excited to begin his first year with the Calgary Community Painters Society!