Isabel Ostrom

Artist Isabel Ostrom was born in Victoria, BC and lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and her dog, Maisie.  Isabel started dabbling in painting as a hobby when she was raising her children. Always able to draw, Isabel learned to paint as an adult and did not realize her artistic ability until relatively late in life. Creating art for family and friends led to word of mouth commissions for pet portraits and now Isabel has a thriving art business.

Isabel loves bringing joy into other people’s lives through her colourful animal paintings. She is known for her ability to express the unique and sometimes quirky personalities in animals, both domestic and wild. Isabel has learned various art techniques and methods through experimentation, working with other members of the local arts community and taking a variety of classes and workshops. Most of her work is in acrylic and mixed media. Isabel sells her work privately and through local shows.

Isabel’s body of work is growing and evolving, yet it is always rooted in the need to connect and reach out to others with a message of joy, love and hope.



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