Doris Sidlick

A native Albertan, Doris completed her post secondary education in the field of business, and then following some additional training, went on to work as a legal assistant for the next 21 years.  She has lived in beautiful Calgary, for the last 30+ years.  While still working in the legal field, she picked up some weekend watercolor workshops offered at the Calgary Zoo!  This sparked such joy, and led to searching for and ultimately finding a fantastic weekly evening watercolor class with local artist, Karin Richter, as well as amazing drawing classes taught by Averie Moppet at the Calgary Zoo. Throughout this journey, Doris rediscovered something she truly loved to do, and was passionate about.  She has never looked back!

Doris’ artistic style is best described as colorist – impressionism.  She enjoys painting the urban landscape, as well as the beautiful creatures we all share the planet with.  Her painting inspirations come from both her travels over the years, and, from observing the beautiful colors and play of light and shadow all around us.   She paints in both the watercolor and acrylic mediums.

Doris credits her artistic training to all of the incredibly talented artists from whom she has taken classes and workshops over the years, and whom have inspired and encouraged her.  She considers herself to be so fortunate to have had access to these wonderful artists who have so generously shared their knowledge, skills, and advice.

Doris is a member of the Calgary Community Painters and the Parkdale Art Club, and displays her artwork with both groups.  She has also had a solo exhibition at the Common Crown Brewery.