Cynthia Makara

Cynthia Makara works with encaustic, a combination of beeswax, damar resin and pigment, mixed with oils for unique colour combinations. “I fell in love with the finish, the smell and viscosity of the medium”,  it is very different from other painting techniques.

Skies are her favourite subject to paint. “To enjoy a painting is not essential to understand painting. Painting and art feels good, gets to our heart through the eyes, touches our inside, sounds like good music, and according to the sensitivity of each person is appreciated and enjoyed differently.”

With a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a bachelor’s degree in Packaging Design, Cynthia participated in art classes since the age of fifteen, taking private art classes in drawing and painting, plastic expression and human figure with Nicolas Menza, who is a professional and famous painter in Argentina.

“I’m a figurative artist, my paints are peaceful and relaxing, they tell the glory of the sky and its magnificence. I love texture and explore the volume of the material.”

Most of the inspiration in her latest artworks are found in the western skies of Alberta and the beauty of nature.