Beata Pajewska

From a young age, Beata liked to draw and spend hours drawing and coloring alongside her mother who was an art teacher. As a teenager, Beata did some sketching and cartooning for her friends. But it was not until adulthood that she discovered the joy of painting. To get a good foundation, she took classes at ACAD (currently Alberta University of the Arts), the University of Calgary, and private art studios where she studied under Mark Vasques-Mckay, Cam Roberts, Brian Batista, and most recently Bobby Dunlop. These artists inspired and influenced her work. Beata was also privileged to take classes with Carl White, Martinho Correia and Vahe Tokmajyan.
Studying under so many talented artists broaden her horizons and pushed her to try different mediums and styles.
Beata mostly paints and draws figures, portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and still life. She loves copying great masters and enjoys urban sketching.
Her favorite mediums are oils, pastels, and watercolors, but she also likes ink, charcoal, clay, and experimenting with acrylics. She enjoys the process of making art regardless of the medium or subject.