Barbara Evans

A love of both the natural world and the mediums of watercolour and acrylic inspire and inform Barbara’s paintings.  Canoeing on rivers and lakes in Alberta and B.C. as well as ocean canoeing on the B.C. West Coast has influenced the imagery of her work.  She has used her photography from her travels to Europe, Cuba, Hawaii, Mexico and the southern United States to translate into vibrant, saturated paintings.

Experimentation is something Barbara is not afraid of and she has recently been introducing luminescent watercolour and acrylic into her work. Luminescent paint includes iridescent as well as interference colours. Iridescent colours reflect light directly, like a mirror reflection, resulting in intense colour and sheen.  Interference colours refract and scatter light and they take on different hues depending on where the light is striking and the viewer’s point of view.  Adding light, changing hues, shifting colour and maximizing texture are integral elements of Barbara’s work.