Calgary Community Painters Programs

October 11
Show Preparation
Terri Heinrichs In-House Presentation
It’s a CCPS Members Paint Evening! In order to share some of the vast artistic knowledge we have right within our group, members are invited to bring their own materials, set up, and paint together, each demonstrating their own unique style of creating art. Those interested in painting may all do so around the room, and observe the working being done, asking questions and learning from each other. Please do consider painting! It will be a low-stress evening of visiting, enjoying art and its process.

October 18
Show Preparation
Annette Whichmann: Finding the Right Sketchbook
Annette is the owner of Kensington Art Supply and has intimate knowledge of a variety of art materials. She will provide information how to choose the right sketchbook and what art supplies will be right for you.

October 21
Palette Art Show at Triwood Community Centre!

November 1
Alice Helwig: Composition and Colour
Alice will demonstrate how to improve the composition of a painting by making use of ‘Notans’ before one decides on the colour scheme.

November 8
George Gordon: Creating Vibrant Watercolours
George has been painting watercolours for many years. He captures the world around him in vibrant watercolours by applying the direct method.

November 15
Sue Contini: Capture the Light in Paintings
Sue renders landscape scenes in acrylic that enables her to capture the brilliance of light on canvas.

November 18 Saturday Wordshop
Karin Richter: Transition from Realism to Abstraction
Karin will introduce several concepts to kick start the brain to see subject matter in a new way based on good design choices and colour pairings