January 4

Katy Morris - Watercolour

Katy will be painting a mountain scene in watercolours in the tradition of the English School of Painting.

January 11

Cheryl Peddie - Oil

Street scenes and buildings are often a subject matter that many artists avoid. Learning to see our surroundings with potential for our artistic exploration expands our imagination and creative potential. She will be painting a new canvas for her series on heritage homes and businesses in High River.

January 18

Sheila Schaetzle - Acrylic

Sheila is comfortable in nature. It's evident in her art. That comfort transfers to her work, using acrylics that allow her to start quickly with bold brush marks and layers of transparent and translucent colors; techniques that have developed over time and through exploration.

February 1

Karin Richter - Using photography for painting

"How to Translate what you see into a Work of Art" In this evening talk, local artist Karin Richter shares her views about the art of seeing, what criteria she uses in photographing a variety of subject matter and how she translates what she sees into a work of art.

February 8

In-House Program - Painting Olympics Are Here!!

Wear your messy studio clothes that show you are an Artist, and come prepared to do some fast, fun, and ferocious painting!  We won’t go into details, but the music will be playing, and the competition will be Hot!

February 15

Adele Woolsey - Venetian Plaster

Adele applies this special plaster to a solid support creating highly textured surfaces. The plaster is allowed to dry, she then uses water media (not oil) including watercolour, acrylic, gouache and acrylic inks to paint the ground to achieve the look she wants.

February 18-10 -Workshop

Mary-Leigh Doyle - Mixed-Media

In this workshop we will explore the multi layered approach to mixed media work. Artists will be allowed to work primarily within their own media of choice, watercolour or acrylic.  On Day One we will prepare coloured papers using acrylic inks and printmaking techniques. While these dry and set, we will examine a number of mixed media works and discuss logical approaches based on sound practices within each of the respective media. We will then prepare and work on a variety of surfaces to be used in our work on Day Two. Collage, painting drawing and texturing will be involved.  Isolation coats will be discussed and applied, and left to dry overnight. On Day Two additional layers of paint, collage and drawing will again be applied to bring the pieces to completion.

March 1

Sherry Telle - Colour Pencil

Coloured pencil is the first medium many of us worked in after crayons.  They have come a long way since then. Sherry will demonstrate how to get the most out of your coloured pencils, the different surfaces you can use, and the difference between the pencil brands. She will demo how to effectively use layering, burnishing and  using solvents.

March 8

Amy Dryer - Oil Figure

As an artist, painting from the body, the volume and its form presents a challenging, focused and invigorating opportunity.  I am planning to both draw (mixed media) and paint (oil) from a model during the March demonstration.  As a viewer, this allows for an understanding of my approach to both structure and abstraction within a specific form. -- VOLUNTEER MODEL NEEDED

March 15 - Critique

Sarah Nordean

April 5 – Membership Renewal

Peter Prest - W/C on Washi Paper

Peter works predominantly on watercolour canvas and panels. These new surfaces provide him with new ways to release the emotions resident in each piece.

April 12 - Show Prep, Membership Renewal

In-house Program:    Bill Biko - Instruction Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more....are they necessary for an artist?  Will they guarantee you’ll sell more?  Our guest tonight will talk about social media and will help you decide if you need to add it to your skill set.  Plus, have a close look at Facebook, see how to set up a profile, and what if you want to keep yourself private?

April 19 - Show Prep, Membership Renewal & AGM

April 22 – Triwood Art Show

May 3 – Year End Get Together and Review

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